Wood Flooring Option

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Homeowners often choose wood flooring option for their home because of its attractive, natural look and durability. A wide variety of options are available when it comes to species of wood used for flooring, so it is sometimes difficult to determine which is the best fit for your home. If your main concern when choosing a wood floor is appearance, several species stand out among others in terms of color, grain and texture. Consider the rest of the decor in the room to help choose the right option for your home.

Wood Flooring Option

Cherry wood flooring option range in color from reddish brown to light brown with pink undertones, so they have a warm, welcoming appearance as well. They have a fine, wavy grain that provides a uniform texture for the flooring and usually have a satiny look to them. They present no problems when finished, though a light or natural finish is best to preserve cherry wood’s attractive coloring.

Pine is a soft, but it still makes an attractive wood flooring option. It can range in color from a light yellow to pinkish tan, though it sometimes shows bluish-black stains from sap. The grain is extremely dense and usually features swirls. Pine flooring is fairly low maintenance as well, and can be repaired and re-colored without much trouble.

Parquet hardwood flooring option is a type of hardwood flooring that is placed in unusual mosaic patterns. It is a highly ornamental type of wood flooring that adds an elegant, sophisticated look to any room. Parquet flooring is often made from contrasting woods, so the patterns in the floor stand out. It typically comes in small tiles that can be placed in a variety of designs. The patterns in the tiles are often angular, but curved designs are also available. Parquet flooring may be stained for a particularly eye-catching look that brings out the three-dimensional nature of its patterns.