Wood Wall Decorative Panels

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Wood wall decorative panels — Besides being used to make a fireplace, firewood can also be used to beautify a wall or create a wall display at once. However, in contrast to the other timber, fuel wood is not used in a way split, but was cut transversely to form a circular plate. Here are some of the wooden wall decor inspiration for your home.


wood wall decorative panels


The techniques and how to enhance your appearance with wood wall decorative panels as shown in the drawings in this article, can use the two concepts or systems that can be selected according to the needs and tastes. The first concept is the fire wood is affixed directly on wall or walls are already finished. Thus function only as cover only. This work is certainly easier to do. We just stick to the wood plate across the surface of the wall you want to close.


wood wall decorative art


The attachment may use wood glue or a glue wall. The advantages of using wood glue is the process of a more easy to do and it takes a long time. Besides the risk of patch is very large timber easily separated. If this happens of course beauty is reduced. You just use the bus to the process of attachment slabs of wood, but wood has a risk of rupture and create a slab of wood you will be at risk of broken walls and full of holes.


wood wall decorations ideas


The second concept is to make wood walls directly. Although the process is more complicated work, but the concept is original and makes the walls look natural and not at great risk. The use of this concept will also bring the feel of a more special because the walls will result in a gap / hole that presents a dramatic impression. To get an impression, it could be done by creating a lighting system behind or behind walls. The next of these gaps will appear rays of small is beautiful — wood wall decorative panels.


  • wood wall decorative panels
    wood wall decorative panels
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    wood wall decorating ideas
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  • wood wall decorations ideas
    wood wall decorations ideas
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    wood wall decorative art