Cabinet Refacing

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Cabinet Refacing -Give fresh new look of your old kitchen cabinet with the paint. Increase art value at your kitchen by painting, this is one of least cheap way to make over cabinet and it is not too difficult to do by yourself. If you plan to do by yourself, take a good time. If you work in rush, the result will be bad. To achieve a professional result, you must take a deal with time and energy.

Cabinet Refacing

Start by emptying cabinet, remove the door, and remove all drawers and empty contents. Remove the hardware knobs and pull to install the different style, check the cabinet from suspect of mold or mildew. All mold or mildew should be removed by water.

Wipe the surface from dust and odor with a clean rag, saturated with paint thinner, you may do this twice to make sure the Cabinet Refacing is clean from dirt. Change the rag to the new one to avoid depositing dirt back to the surface. Then, wash the cabinet surface with ammonia and rinse. Wait until the surface dry perfectly.

Cabinet Refacing

After that, start to Cabinet Refacing. Painting preparation is hard and takes time. Does it on right way, because the final result is depend on your preparation. If your cabinet greasy, pour odorless mineral spirits to rag and.

Lay a cloth to your work area. Spray paint your cabinet if possible. If you decide to use hand brush, use pain roll for the large area and use paintbrush for the details in order to have good result. Do not apply heavy coat, two thin coats is much better. Heavy coat will run and sag. When the Cabinet Refacing over after required drying time, the paint is fully dry, hang them and see the result.