How to choose kitchen appliances

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After you have chosen the kitchen counters and cabinets, you will need to choose kitchen appliances that suit best you needs and budget. The basic kitchen appliances you need are the refrigerator, the oven and the extractor. In this post we will give you a few tips how to choose your kitchen appliances.

One of the most important kitchen appliances is the refrigerator. When you are choosing a refrigerator, you need to look for capacity and energy efficiency. Figure out what are your storage needs. Do you buy more fresh or frozen food? This will determine whether you should buy a 50:50 refrigerator-freezer or a larger refrigerator and a separate freezer. Refrigerators are rated for energy efficiency with A +++ being the most efficient. It is best for your budget to choose the most energy efficient model. Other features to look for in a refrigerator are humidity controlled drawers, antibacterial linings, multi-airflow cooling and ice and water dispenser.


Another one of the basic kitchen appliances you will need to choose is the oven. We would recommend choosing a built-in oven. Built-in ovens can be integrated at eye level, which is kinder on the back. Besides, they tend to offer the latest technology, which makes them an ideal choice for keen cooks. When choosing the oven for your kitchen, look for automatic programs, which suggest the time, temperature and shelf for your meal, memory functions and self-cleaning. Remember to always check the cooking capacity. Single and double ovens take the same space, but they differ in their internal capacity.


Extractors, too, are important kitchen appliances. Every kitchen needs an efficient extractor. Choose the right extraction rate for your kitchen. It is measured in cubic meters per hour and can be calculated by multiplying the volume of your kitchen by ten. This will give you the minimum extraction rate your kitchen needs. To figure out the volume of your kitchen multiply the length by the width by the height in meters. If you have an open-plan scheme, look for a model with low decibel rating. Anything between 50dB and 60dB is considered quiet.


If you choose built-in kitchen appliances, keep in mind that you won’t be able to move them later, so you will need to plan things carefully in advance. Built-in kitchen appliances offer more space saving options, but first make sure they are the right choice for your kitchen.

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