Cool spice containers

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It is very important to organize your spices, so that they can be conveniently reached when cooking. Most of us like them outside drawers, on the shelves. However, you can get some really cool spice containers to spice things up.

We have found a very interesting and practical suggestion – magnetic spice containers. These spice containers have a magnetic bottom and a transparent top. You can put them on the kitchen vent system, where they would come in very handy. Just above the stove or the oven, you can just reach and grab what you need. Alternatively, you can keep them on any metallic surface in your kitchen and take with you to the oven only the ones you need. Since the tops are transparent, you can see what’s inside, or if you like, you can stick labels for the different spices.

magnetic spice containers

You can also get some really pretty glass spice containers. They are 4.5 ounces each, so they can hold the contents of most spice bottles. These spice containers have wide mouths for easy access to their contents, and at the same time are completely airtight. The silicon rim along the inside of the lid seals the container, when completely closed. Because they are made of glass, they can be washed easily and stay shiny as new. You can also stick labels on the so that you know exactly what’s inside each.

glass spice containers

A really creative storage idea is to get some hanging spice containers. This is a pretty cool solution, that will make your kitchen more fun. Their lids are airtight, so your spices won’t lose their wonderful aroma. Keep your spices conveniently organized for easier access with these cool spice containers.

hanging spice containers

You have unlimited options to organize the spices in your kitchen. You don’t need to settle for boring spice containers or ugly little plastic bags. Browse the web to see some really cool spice containers and pick your favorite. Whatever you choose will look great in your kitchen, as long as it keeps everything neatly organized.

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