Corelle Ware Dishes by Corning

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It wasn’t too long ago that we decided the time had come to upgrade our household dishes. While I had started off looking at the standard manufacturers in fine china, I’d been shocked after I discovered all the different patterns to be found in corelle ware dishes. At one period ordering dinnerware could seriously stress the budget nonetheless the Corelle ware dishes very affordable and supplied lots of styles. I know of individuals who have had Corelle dinnerware and made use of them daily for more than 2 decades and they still appear very nice.

corelle ware dishes

Corelle ware dishes is made by Corning and uses advanced glass materials making it very strong and usable as casual everyday dinnerware or dishware.

Corelle Dinnerware Just White

Corelle ware dishes is lightweight, will not fade, and resists metal marks from flatware use. All Corelle ware is also Microwave Safe, Dishwasher Safe, and safe to use in the Oven up to 350 degrees. It is a lso Chip and Break resistant.

Corelle ware is sold under the following names:

  • Corelle Vitrelle
  • Corelle Virelle2
  • Corelle Lifestyles
  • Corelle Livingware
  • Corelle Ultra
  • Corelle ware also comes with a three year warranty.
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