Create your very own unique kitchen look

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This modern masterpiece of a kitchen is worth checking out – the tiles suggest the basic color and link the boards and the rest of the furniture. A good hint is to use stone instead of ceramics – a one-off effect is achieved straightaway. You should keep in mind though that the stone surface should be processed so that the stone is protected from the kitchen humidity.

Asian style

The resin panels inlaid with grass would literally double the space just like an extra window and would lay the basics of your Asian style in the kitchen. Resin panels are normally not manufactured; they are specifically produced to satisfy the architectural desires of the kitchen designers. Use the matching accessories and you would double the effect in no time!


Draw up your own tiles
You can create a unique design of your kitchen simply by drawing on your tiles and turning them from ordinary white tiles into one-of-a-kind mosaic tiles. Of course, you will need to use special paint, so that you can draw on the tiles. This type of paint is water-based, however once you have used it, the drawings will stay permanently and will not be dissolved by water. The effect can be achieved by literally putting the drawn tiles into 290 degree ovens for about 35 minutes. Please keep in mind that using these tiles to prepare food over them is not a smart idea!

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