Eclectic Interior design in Ukraine from Svoya Studio

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We will look at the interior home design of one not too big apartment in Ukraine, that is made all by the owners requests. The designers studio standing behind the project is SVOYA Studio, and the apartment is small loft apartment with two rooms. Lets see in what this place has turned, after professional performance…


In the moment the apartment’s structure is quite different than the original. The apartment has living room combined with kitchen and bedroom as well, combined with a place for studying and wide bathroom. Maybe, the first thing, that will take your attention is the classic vision of the interior. This is not accidentally – the choice of classic style belongs the apartment’s owners and to a large extent this is due to the fact, that the building is monument of the culture.


The big ceilings are something common in the old buildings, especially in Dnipropetrovsk ( big city in Ukraine), where the apartment can be found. They play main role and maybe are main reason, an apartment with area of 56 м² to look that spacious. The colors are very interesting, showing rare seen, but well combined colors, giving more fresher look and nice ambience, letting you have a break. Other techniques, used for visual increase of space are painted in white walls with mirrors on them and bright parquet in style “fish bone”.


In the place we can meet interesting integration of different in colors and type lightings, that gives additional depth and specific effects to the place. And the compact “pseudo” fireplace, wood table for coffee with leather armchairs and retro bar contributes for the eclectic feeling of this sylish apartment. As you can see the interior design and architecture are really good combined, as to give the all needed touches, and to meet all your requirements.












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