French Country kitchens furniture

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Sometimes in this modern age, people just want to slow down and relax. Many people consider country life to be pleasantly slow, especially life in Europe. Redecorating your kitchen in a French kitchen look can give you a taste of rural life even if your home is in the city.

French decor can be found in almost any department store today, so pick up a few key pieces and transform your kitchen into the sophisticated, yet fun space it always wanted to be.
The kitchens in old, rural France relied heavily on natural elements that helped to create a warm feel. Walls and ceilings were often painted shades of yellow. Wood was either stained dark or transparent to allow the wood’s natural grain and shade to show. You can easily incorporate these elements into your French kitchen look. You might not have exposed beams, but you have cabinets, a table and chairs. Work dark or natural wood into your design through storage and furniture. You could also paint cabinets a bright white so the other colors stand out. Blue, green and burgundy are popular secondary colors for French country kitchens because they provide a contrast to the lighter colors on the walls and ceiling. A series of cobalt blue bottles or glasses placed atop a windowsill look cheerful and support the theme. Copper accents work well, too.

French Country kitchens
Decorate your walls with pieces that add interest. Wrought iron adds contrast to French Country kitchens. Hang pictures of rural French provincial scenes. Another option for pictures is animals, such as the rooster, or fruit. Sconces and chandeliers put the rustic in this style. Antique plates, cookware and clocks also enhance this look.
Use rugs to bring the look of your kitchen together. For a more rustic look, simple wool and jute rugs add the right amount of charm. For a look that is more formal, select a rug with a floral pattern