Italian Kitchen Design By Traditional Style

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The Italian Kitchen Design producer Toncelli is presenting in the latest kitchen design “Ambienti Evolution” a new idea of combining traditional with modern style. The look is founded on the application of a normal material which is stone, though the kitchen looks very stylish and up-to-date; this really is as a result of many elements: The minimalist style, clean lines and shapes employed in this design are creating a modern day atmosphere, also the stylish black & white contrast which is regarded as synonymous with Italian Kitchen Design .

The Italian Kitchen Design is decorated by Metal elements and lacquered finishes it’s also equipped by high technology tools and appliance is giving which can make it practical and comfortable for that modern housewife. Perhaps the stone is used in a very modern way; countertops are made of Cardoso stone that is matching perfectly with black cabinets, in addition it is equipped by the hidden lighting system that’s adds a beautiful touch.

The large island looks very original; which has a spacious rectangular shape instead of usual where i started, it’s also very practical as it contains big cabinets for storage and it’s really equipped by way of a double sink along with a large countertop that is one nice dining room table. With Ambienti Evolution you can enjoy enhanced comfort & functionality utilizing most recent technology in a fashionable and chic kitchen remodelĀ  .

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