Kitchen design ideas in a room with unusual walls and corners

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Sometimes it can be hard to find the right kitchen design for an awkward space. The unusual corners, walls and shapes can present a real challenge. However, you can always find some creative kitchen design ideas, suitable for your space.

If you have a weird alcove in your kitchen, the most common kitchen design idea is to put large appliances like a refrigerator and an oven there. However, you can show some creativity and think outside the box. You can fit diagonally a kitchen sink with a corner mixer tap, a round, revolving cabinet and an oven, embedded in a counter. Place some kitchen cabinets overhead and a corner extractor hood. This kitchen design ideas will help you utilize a weird and awkward alcove in your kitchen.


Awkward ceiling heights are another challenge for the kitchen design. Usually, you can’t fit your furniture and appliances, if you have lower or slanted ceiling in your kitchen. Take advantage of the weird shapes and install some creative kitchen shelves or place there the smaller kitchen appliances like the microwave, for example. Alternatively, if the ceiling is too high and you can’t find the right kitchen design, which will help you utilize the extra vertical space, you can create a split-level floor, which will make your kitchen look very attractive. This kitchen design idea is quite practical, if you don’t have a separate dining room. The split-level-floor will help you separate the kitchen, the dining area and the living room area.


If you have a protruding corner in your kitchen, it feels like a waste of space. However, you can use this a little unusual, but very creative kitchen design idea and make this corner a part of the kitchen. Put shelves inside and install doors to create a pantry area. This will free some space in your kitchen cabinets and utilize that annoying, weird shape.


There are some really smart and awesome kitchen design ideas, which will help you utilize the available space. If you’re interested in how to design your kitchen within some awkward space, you can check out some more pictures online. We would be happy to see your kitchen design ideas.

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