Kitchen Pantry Storage Systems

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One of the messiest areas of our kitchen is the pantry. We aren’t lucky enough to have a walk in pantry like some homes, so storage in our pantry is often difficult as even the shape of the little closet is bizarre. A pantry should be a place where you can store canned and snack foods in an organized manner so it’s easy to access the things you need. Which pantry storage systems organizer is the best? How should I organize my pantry? We answer all these questions below.

litchen pantry storage systems

With some proper planning your pantry can meet your needs. In many cases you can more than double it’s storage capacity with the right pantry storage systems and organizer accessories.

Adjustable pantry shelving systems: This is the single most important feature that you need to truly be able to maximize your pantry storage systems. Most builders build in a few big huge cleated shelves that are 2 to 3 feet apart. Unless you plan on stacking numerous items on top of one another this is absolutely the biggest space waster around and it invites a sloppy mess. On the other hand a pantry closet system that contains adjustable shelves allows you to put as many or as few, as you wish, based on the types of items you are storing within each section.

Pullout shelves: These nifty shelves roll forward so you can see items stored on the back of the shelf. Pullouts are the perfect solution for deep pantry sections that normally can’t be accessed.

Drawers or tray shelves with Lucite faces: Not only do you want your pantry organized but you want to see what’s in it. Stop wasting money bye buying duplicate items simply because you can’t see what you have. Some items store better in drawers or tray shelves such as spices, place mats and plastic utensils.

Baskets: Not only do baskets look good because they come in numerous finishes that match any hardware color you have in your home. They are incredibly useful and help create an excellent organization system. You can store potatoes, onions and other food items as well as bulky bags and odd shaped items that don’t suit shelves.

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