Kitchen remodel

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Kitchen remodel is the single best way to add value to a home. Unfortunately, Kitchen remodel can also rack up a pretty big price tag. However, it is completely possible to shape up your kitchen into a beautiful central area for your living

Get cost estimates by visiting a home improvement store. Compare quality and cost of appliances, countertops, flooring and cabinetry. Jot down two sets of prices–what you can easily afford and items that are “nice to have.” Factor in labor costs if a contractor will do the work for you; leave out labor costs if you plan to do the work yourself.

Kitchen remodel

Decide how to update your cabinetry–reface them, replace them with used cabinets or buy new cabinets.Kitchen remodel involves replacing the old doors with new doors. Or you can replace them with used ones; sometimes people replace cabinets that are still good, and a contractor might be able to sell them to you.

Make your available space multitask whenever possible. If there is anything that can be hung, combined, or made to fit in a smaller space, choose that model instead. Fit cabinets against the ceiling to double the use of that space. Instead of a standalone oven, include an in-wall oven in your small kitchen remodel. For the stove, use a cook top that can be fitted over cabinets. Use a microwave that doubles as a toaster oven. Never use two items when one can perform both jobs just as well.

Ensure that you have enough storage. When doing a small Kitchen remodel, remember that space is extremely limited. By having sufficient cabinet, drawer, and closet space, you can remove a great deal of clutter from your work area. Store your infrequently used items and small appliances to conserve space.