Kitchen sink – a few tips on choosing the right one

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Choosing the kitchen sink is much more complicated than it actually sounds. The modern age that we live in is characterized by a virtually limitless choice of different shapes, colors and materials, which makes our choice so tricky. It is therefore essential to give the topic a good thought instead of rushing into the nearest store to get an ordinary stainless steel sink.

kitchen sinksWe have mentioned the stainless steel, as this seems to be the most popular material when it comes to sinks. It is therefore natural that this is the first thing that comes to mind. Before you purchase it however, you need to see whether the cold metal will fit in the interior design. Let us take for example the classic or county style kitchens – a stainless steel solution will simply not match! The good thing is that there are plenty of different variations and models out there, which will do the job. Consider the polymer based sinks – their structure allows them to be manufactured in different shapes and colors, so that they can fit any interior. Moreover, they are very resistant to acids and does not form stains on the surface, which unfortunately is not the case with the steel ones.


kitchen sink designs


The second most important aspect is the place where you would like to have the kitchen sink installed. Now, it can either cover a whole cabinet or it can be embedded into one. It all depends on your kitchen arrangement, the design and the available cabinets and cupboards. It is a good idea to try and get a clear picture in your head of how you would like the sink area to look like, so that you can afterwards make the best choice.




kitchen sink

kitchen sink from Clark


Once you have chosen the material and the location, it is time to think about the sink size and most importantly – its depth. Keep in mind that placing too many dishes and utensils in it can damage the surface of the cabinet, so make sure the kitchen sink is properly installed. It is a smart idea to purchase one which is at least 25 cm deep, otherwise you will have a hard time trying to wash bigger pots. Of course, this will not always be possible, due to the limited space in the kitchen, however try to compromise as little as possible.

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