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Everyone could and should own the tools for a kitchen that covers almost everything needed for most people. The kitchen knife set is there, the kitchen tool sets is there, and the tools to complement the two sets are included. Some tools would get used less frequently than some, but when you realize that an unusual chore needs to be done, trips to a Target, Walmart, Kmart, or a local grocery store are likely eliminated. Most tools in the set will last quite a bit making the cost and quality well balanced, making a simple kitchen tool set adequate for almost any household.

kitchen tool sets

This is a set of 6 of the most frequently used items in the kitchen as a kitchen tool sets, consisting of a larger ladle, a turner, a wooden spatula & a pair of long cooking chopsticks. The handles of the stainless steel items have half shell structures without connecting points affording them a comfortable grip and a sanitary design. For convenience, there is a level scale on the inner surface of the ladles. The items can be stacked together and stored in a special neoprene case with a mesh cover.

Each of these beautiful kitchen tool sets are constructed of surgical stainless steel. Each piece features handles with handy hang-up slots. The tools and rack are all dishwasher safe. The rack stands approximately 16″ high.

This set includes:

  • Soup ladle
  • Slotted turner
  • Pasta spoon
  • Solid spoon
  • Slotted spoon
  • Meat fork
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