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If you are longing for authentic Italian Pasta, there is absolutely no need to head out of the house and go to the store anymore. Actually, it is just a very simple task to just grab that package of readymade pasta from the supermarket, get back home and throw it into a pot full of boiling water. However, why spoil a good thing which is so easy to do using a kitchenaid mixer attachments?

kitchenaid mixer attachments

Now would you like me to tell you a little secret? Before I actually go ahead and do this, I know you are probably saying to yourself, “Can I really make the pasta taste better than buying the readymade pasta packet from the supermarket?” No. This absolutely does not mean that you can just walk into the store and go pick up the cheapest packet of pasta you can find in stock and buy it. I am quite sure it would not taste that good. Well, here is a small tip from my side, although it will entail little work but it will surely create pleasure as well.

Ok, so here is the big secret! It is called making your very own pasta. Sounds pretty original, huh? I know the question that is running through your mind right now must be probably that how will you be able to make the pasta all by yourself with kitchenaid mixer attachments?

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that when you make the pasta yourself, it is going to taste way better than the packed ones from the supermarket. Making pasta fresh will always give you much superior quality pasta. Moreover, this will be a cheaper method since the only ingredients that you will require to make it are eggs and flour. There are actually a couple of different ways to make your own pasta. Either you can make it by hand, or you can just buy a pasta maker attachment for your kitchenaid mixer attachments.

Even if you make pasta just a few times in the whole year, the pasta machine will surely make your job way easier. So if you already own kitchenaid mixer attachments, just go online and buy an extra one called the pasta maker attachment. It is much cheaper in comparison to buying a pasta making machine and also it will take up very little space in comparison to a separate machine as well. You should go online right now and buy this attachment and treat yourself to some really fresh and tasty homemade pasta.

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