KitchenAid Toaster Oven Specifications

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KitchenAid has produced another outstanding product in the KitchenAid Toaster Oven. Look around your kitchen and I bet you have a wide range of products made by KitchenAid. Most people do because KitchenAid has been the standard bearer for producing top of the line products for the home and the KitchenAid Toaster Oven does not disappoint.

kitchenaid toaster oven

KitchenAid Toaster Oven Features :

  • Full-size oven performance on your countertop
  • 12-Inch capacity
  • Convection Bake, Broil and Warm functions with 60-minute timer
  • Non-stick interior
  • Full-width crumb tray

kitchenaid toaster oven red

The KitchenAid toaster oven has a very nice looking brushed stainless steel frame. There are 2 black handles on the sides that can be used to move the unit. The four feet are also black. The black color of the handles compliments the stainless steel look. The front of the unit is taken up almost completely by the tempered glass on the door. At the top of the glass is a very wide sweeping handle. The handle is thick and easy to grasp to open or close the door. On the right side are 4 knobs in a vertical line. These knobs are offset by a black base with rounded corners. At the bottom is a blue indicator light. The outward appearances are very appealing and stylish. It will feel at home in any style kitchen.

kitchenaid toaster oven parts

On the inside you will find a non-stick surface however, there are pros and cons with this type of surface. It makes cleaning a snap, but cannot use glass or metal baking dishes in this toaster oven. The large interior can handle cooking up to a 4 pound chicken. It has a very wide 12 inch cooking area. There are two racks. That means you can cook two 12 inch pieces at the same time. If you want to cook a meal for a family of 4, the KitchenAid Toaster Oven can cook four chicken breasts. Some people complained that the oven “runs too hot”.

KitchenAid has built in a very nice safety feature and there is a 60 minute timer. You can use the timer to cook foods so you know it is cooking for the right amount of time. There is also an auto shut off feature which is a GREAT feature if you have children.

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