Modern kitchen furniture 2013

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The matt and shiny surface of the modern kitchen appliances requires the presence of similar kitchen furniture. Combining such futuristic objects with cheap or old fashion kitchen furniture would be nonsense from designer point of view, to say the least. It is sometimes hard to combine modern kitchen appliances and kitchen furniture; it is a task that requires a lot more to be properly accomplished. A quick visit to the typical kitchen furniture shops would give you plenty of traditional choices, however with a bit of luck you may come across something a bit more modern with a complex design.

So, what type of kitchen furniture are we talking about exactly? The answer is simple – the shiny module surfaces that create the kitchen’s modern design are the ones in question. All kitchen boards are shiny, so the furniture surfaces should follow the same pattern.
As far as tables are concerned, you should adopt a more minimalist approach. What you need is a piece of furniture that looks as light as a feather and has a refined and elegant look. Often, glass tables are a good choice, since they tend to add some extra sense of space in the kitchen. You should pay special attention to the table base when optioning for a glass top, as this will not only determine the table type, but the rest of the kitchen furniture as well.


The kitchen chairs are also of great importance, especially in case you have opted for a glass table. Padded chairs indisputably look a lot better and are much more comfortable, however keep in mind that those are way harder to maintain. The padding will slowly but surely darken and get dirtier especially if you have chosen a lighter padding shade. It is a flaw that you will not easily overcome; moreover it will spoil the impression of your kitchen’s impeccable look.