Modern Kitchen Plan for Vibrant Atmosphere in Your Kitchen

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Modern kitchen plan — Modern life requires fundamental changes. Currently, in the homes of middle class family in the city’s increasingly difficult to find a kitchen full of black soot and sticky floors. Kitchens are designed beautifully with the kitchen set and features a variety of kitchen appliances that modern.Dapur equipped modern kitchen set becomes an important issue in managing the home. It may be as important as the arrangement of the living room and family room or other space in a dwelling. Currently, the pantry is not just serves as a kitchen, also a gathering place for family members at the breakfast or dinner. Activity in the pantry usually include dry grocery store, to cook food that is practical, warm food, make the drink fresh. Meanwhile, the cooking done in a dirty kitchen or commonly called the service area. The presence of the pantry is very useful because in addition to these activities, also to sweeten the room in the house.


modern kitchen plan


For those of you who want to get a vibrant atmosphere in the modern kitchen plan, this design could be an option. Red color with a stunning combination of black eyes in a side cabinet and the top table, make the kitchen look attractive. Full of flavor to the touch. Effects slick and sheen that makes it feel more luxurious flat. Color, texture, and kompisisi create an impression: modern! Function of modern refined design is felt with a kitchen set that allows the storage. Storage cabinets are embodied in a light aluminum frame and ergonomically. Impressive light display cabinet, which is suitable in combination with solid colors. Processed black and white mosaic on the back panel which brings together the composition of the cabinet under the light and heavy cabinet with black granite top table.


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Shiny and neat kitchen with a precision manufacturing produces a luxurious appearance. The kitchen should always be maintained health and safety. Kitchen which will facilitate the growth of unhealthy bacteria and viruses, which can poison food and human health of its inhabitants. The kitchen is also very vulnerable to security, because in it there is a variety of tools, resources, and fuel. You must also consider the health and safety of the kitchen. If your kitchen health and safety are not addressed, it can threaten the health of your family. These are things that must be considered to create a healthy and safe kitchen in your home, such as: lighting and ventilation in your modern kitchen plan.


modern kitchen design ideas


The main focus in designing a room including the kitchen is the efficiency and functionality. Appropriate design is a solution in providing convenience to the user’s kitchen in the move in it. This kitchen design should have an attractive layout and unique space, where a kitchen can also connect directly with other rooms, other rooms can be a family room, dining room, mini bar or even a living room. The relationship between this space can be optimized by design kitchen set design of a double line — modern kitchen plan.


Modern kitchen plan

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