Natural Modern Kitchen Ideas

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Natural modern kitchen — Wood shades provide warmth to the modern kitchen design. Together and doing activities in it, become increasingly familiar and comfortable. The kitchen is no longer a private area or areas that have laid hidden service. In the modern homes, the kitchen has become a gathering place for family and friends. Cook or eat together, while conversing, can be done here.


natural modern kitchen



natural kitchen design


These lifestyle changes followed by a shift in the design of the natural modern kitchen, from conventional to modern style. Modern kitchen designs, often placing the bar. Or take advantage island as well as a dining table. This is where the area intended for a family gathering. While cooking or eating a meal. Application of color is often tailored to the function of the kitchen. Area is often used as “get-togethers”, then choose warm colors, so that feels more familiar. Wood shades are one of the famous can give the impression of warmth and comfort.


modern natural kitchen ideas


Overall, the natural modern kitchen can be designed modern and elegant. Choice of colors and shades of yellow wood at high pressure laminate layer, making them look warm. Warmth is what eventually helped create intimacy. You can also play an indirect light your kitchen, such as providing indirect light from the ceiling and the bottom of the cabinet wall. This can add a dramatic impression in your kitchen. Yellow light, warm to support the impression you want to display.


modern natural kitchen



natural modern kitchen ideas


Indirect light is obtained by hiding the light source. Usually made in the ceiling, wall panels, the bottom of the cabinet wall, or in a wall cabinet. Especially for the light that is placed under a wall cabinet, besides creating indirect light, it also serves as a light top table as a work area — natural modern kitchen.