Pantry Storage System

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Homeowners are often desperate for additional storage space in their kitchens to accommodate small appliances and bulk shopping. A pantry can provide substantial storage and make organizing a kitchen much easier. However, when it comes to setting up a pantry storage system, you may be unsure how to make the best use of its shelves for maximum storage. Whether your pantry has built-in shelves or is simply an empty closet, there are several solutions that allow you to get the most out of the space and keep your kitchen organized.

Pantry Storage System

Install a pantry shelving system in the closet or space you’ve determined will be your pantry. Plastic shelving is cheapest and easiest to assemble. Metal shelving works better for heavier items. If you’ve got a particularly deep cabinet or pantry space, a rotating, “Lazy Susan” type storage shelf may work best for you.

According to, a corner pantry is closet in the corner of the kitchen to be used for storing different kitchen items. Even a coat or broom closet can be turned into a pantry. Therefore, if you already have a closet in your kitchen, convert it into an accessible corner pantry. Thoroughly clean out the closet, and plan on adding additional shelving units. If you don’t yet have a closet, consider building a freestanding kitchen closet. Choose a corner in the kitchen that’s easy to reach.

If your pantry has built-in shelves but you require additional storage, use under-shelf baskets to maximize space. They are usually small, so they can fit in the space beneath a shelf but can accommodate small cans of food and other items. You can also use larger mesh baskets on the shelves to help organize your pantry storage system by separating items by type and stacking them in the individual baskets.