Protect your kitchen against winter’s evil agents

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Protect your kitchen against winter’s evil agents

I know, I know, winter is not in yet; however there is no denial that temperatures have started dropping down, the wind has picked up and the air is definitely getting more and more humid. All these factors are known as winter’s evil agents, so you should definitely get prepared to counteract them. The post below will reflect on their influence on the kitchen and will suggest a few action plans.

Cold weather and warm food and drinks seem to walk in hand in hand. The more we use the kettle, the oven, the pots and the coffee machine, the more temperature is generated inside the kitchen area. This ultimately leads to higher humidity. This in turn will lead to extensive mold and condensation. The first and actually the easiest solution would be to install a humidity absorber in the kitchen. It is the ultimate must-have appliance. It should be powerful enough to absorb the humid air produced by all those cooking activities of yours. Apart from that you should definitely ventilate the whole kitchen area at least 3-5 times a day for as long as 5 to 10 minutes. If possible, leave a small window open, so that the air from the inside can mix with the air from the outside; this should have an immediate effect on reducing the humidity.

Right, the humidity absorber is a step in the right direction, but it will not win the war by itself. Consider placing a ventilation hood over the oven. In case you have an apartment in a recently constructed building, you should know that it has been sealed in a way that will definitely lead to mold on the inside. Using chemicals to fight it is a temporary solution, so you need to remember – ventilation is the key to success. Add some proper sanitation to your home and you are almost there!

To round the article up, we should point out that proper sanitation, regular ventilation, humidity absorber and ventilation hood are the four pillars which will help you keep a hygienic and fresh atmosphere in the kitchen area, so that you can enjoy cooking!