Recycling Garbage

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Recycling Garbage is one of the easiest ways for people to go green. Communities across the country have either curbside pick-up service or drop-off service for people to recycle their waste. Kitchen trash like food containers and leftover food can be recycled or composted for environmentally friendly reuse.
Recycling Garbage With curbsideĀ Recycling Garbage programs, residents separate recyclable waste from their garbage and put it in special bins or containers to be picked up. Drop-off programs require residents to take the material to designated recycling locations. Kitchen trash materials picked up for recycling vary by community, but most include containers made from aluminum, steel, paper, plastic and glass. Some communities may include corrugated cardboard and box board.

Communities with dual-streamĀ Recycling Garbage require separating paper waste from container waste. Food containers go into one bin, while newspapers and magazines go into another. Single-stream recycling allows all items to be placed into one bin; the items are separated at the recycling facility.

Composting in garbage cans is one of the most economical and simplest ways to compost. You can make the compost bin in approximately one-half hour, and then start throwing your biodegradable waste into the can.

Decide where the compost bin will sit. It’s best if you locate the bin close to the kitchen, and set it on dirt to allow access for earthworms and for draining.
Drill holes in the lid and the can. Space the holes approximately six inches apart. Be sure to drill holes in the bottom of the can. Add material to be composted. Add equal parts of Nitrogen (green and wet) and Carbon (brown and dry) materials. Nitrogen material includes grass clippings and scraps from the kitchen such as vegetables, fruit, bread and coffee grounds. Carbon material includes eggshells, dry leaves, sawdust, shredded newspaper and fireplace ash. Turn (roll) the can. Every few days, push the can so it turns one or two revolutions.