Rival Crock Pot Smart Pot

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Rival Crock Pot Smart Pot – Rival is a company which controls about 85% of the estimated $100-million slow cooker appliances market. This company also offers about 40 different models. The latest models include the Smart-Pot, new programmable Smart Pot is such a real winner that divided oval Crock-Pot and a Cool-Touch Crock Pot.

The product lid, said by the customer who had purchased this product, has a perfect fit means it snug and against all the way around of crockery. It also has recipes book insert from the purchase.

This product is a well-made Rival Crock Pot Smart Pot, it has one thing did not be built in and this may be for safety reasons. A way to time it to start cooking is the thing mention here. The most important improvement from this product probably the warm setting after the time is up. Now there is a time when your meal will be done in 8 hours but your work day is 10 or 12 hours then the pot will automatically switches to warm. The recommended setting for no more than 4 hours will fill a big need for many people. Another safety plus feature is the light blinks power until the second time you unplug the appliance.

The only temperature choices this product has are 4 or 6 hours on high and 8 or 10 hours on low. For the 6 or fewer hours recipes cook, you still have to be there to turn it off. All of that shows that Rival’s recipes are all fit into the automated times. If the pot is filled as recommended then the most recipes should come out fine. The Smart-Pot is a great step forward and certainly one of the least which likely to be put up on a shelf to gather dust.

Rival Crock Pot Smart Pot

The example Outdoor Kitchen Lighting product is Rival Smart-Pot™ Crock-Pot® 5.5-Quart Slow Cooker. This Rival Crock Pot Smart Pot you the two easy steps cooking; just place ingredients in the pot and select your cooking time. This cooker is ideal for four to five people.