Rustic Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

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The kitchen is the most important room in the house since this is where all the magic happens. This is the place, where you prepare delicious meals for your family, cook special holiday dinners, and, in some case, organize friends and family gatherings. That’s why your kitchen should be designed to look attractive and stimulate your creativity. In this post, we will give you a few design and decorating ideas for rustic kitchen interior design.

Rustic living is associated with simple, country living, so it’s a good idea to bright the outside in, to add a rustic flair to your kitchen interior design. Choose hardwood flooring made from woods, available in your area, if possible. The same goes for your kitchen counters and cabinets. Choose woods from the surrounding area. Look out the windows of your kitchen and notice the flora outside. Then, try to match the color scheme of your kitchen interior design to the dominant colors in the surrounding nature.

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When choosing the wood material for your rustic kitchen furniture, hickory, alder and cherry are all great choices. However, none of these materials represent the charm of the rustic design better than pine. Pine flooring, made from the heartwood of the pine tree can range in color from dark brown to deep orange. Pine is also a great choice of material for cabinets, counters and kitchen islands. The knots, which occur in natural pine wood material, will make your furniture pieces unique.

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If you have exposed wooden beams on the ceiling, they would look great in your kitchen interior design. They will add incredible rustic charm to the overall atmosphere. But if you don’t have any exposed beams, don’t worry. They can be added for a minimal amount of money. All you need are just some pre-fabricated, fake support beams. Most of them are three-sided and hollow, and install just like pre-fabricated crown molding. To keep it ‘green’, look for fake beams made from reclaimed wood.

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Rustic kitchen interior design is all about retaining a natural look. Natural wood and stone materials will bring rustic charm to your kitchen. You can also try to think of a way to include wrought iron in the rustic kitchen interior design.

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