The Simple Perfect Country Kitchen Designs

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Country kitchen designs maybe is the best kitchen design that existed. It is good to look at, simple and it feels open so everyone want to be in it. People are comfortable with these design because it is down to earth and doesn’t look too expensive. The name country seems so American, but this design was used a lot by the European, and now, it became so popular worldwide. This design can be applied to a big or small kitchen. In big kitchen, this design will make it look spacious and free, while the small one will look rather simple and sweet.
country kitchen designs 2011
To have the country kitchen design, you have to remembered the signature style of it. First, you have to choose wood material for your furnitures like cabinets, chairs, and dining tables. If it possible, you can have a wooden floor too. The glossy light colored furnitures is an essential part of the Country kitchen designs. The other things that important is to have wide windows, and open shelves for your kitchen storage. The wide windows will bring the light inside and make your furniture looks more glazed.

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With the Country kitchen designs, you have to keep all the natural look. Therefore, choose natural colors for your kitchen. It can be light brown, cremme, broken white, or sheer yellow. For an english country style touch, you can have other tone color on several things like tablecloth or chairs to make it more attractive. Choose dark dusty purple, or natural red for the linens. For adding the “american country” feel, you can place something “old american” like collectible vintage coke bottles, or campbell soup cans. You can also have vintage paintings that suit for your kitchen. With all that, you will get a cozy country kitchen of your own.