Small apartment, that changes with one gesture or word!

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How do you see the apartment of future? Compact and functional or more like elegant and spacious? In nowadays, one team of young and enthusiastic people from Massachusetts institute of Technology MIT will demonstrate us one realistic vision of the future looking apartments – innovative vital space called CityHome.
The concept of this innovative home is developed around the idea for free movement and intuitive space – where everything has its own place, but can easily transform its function with one gesture, one touch or even voice command.
You will be amazed of that, how flexible can be this small sized space. The interesting thing is that each transformation is made without any effort or movement. The ambitious american engineers from MIT suggest one durable solution, which turns places smaller than 60 м² in place, enough for carefree life, in the big and crowded city.
This module apartment of future is transforming with a couple of simple moves. The mounted sensors, motors and LED lightings help for transformation of “the box” situated in the middle of the room and cosy furnished, including bed, table for eating, surface for cooking, storeroom and even multipurpose places for storage. The innovative decision, that gives all comforts gathered in one cube would do a great job, as in small apartments, and in bigger premises, which needs extra space.
Motorized and super easy for using system CityHome is still used only for research of that, how it can be achieved with knowledge, technology and creativity, features which this and other teams have.



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