Small Kitchen Design Ideas

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Small kitchen design — Small kitchen does not mean to be crude. Kitchenette, mini-sized though, its existence must remain full of function. In the other hand, only made the interior of the house so attractive if you are able to design it with the slick. If the house is little land for the kitchen, do not let go just like that. There can be beautiful even small-sized kitchen. Although the relatively small size, the kitchen was also able to accommodate an attractive dining room.

One of the first lock on the small kitchen design solution that occupies a tiny space is the continuous manufacture of the cabinet to the ceiling. The goal that can accommodate a variety of cooking utensils and other kitchen tools. For additional storage containers, you can create a cabinet and hanging rack on the other side of the kitchen wall, above the dining table area against the wall. Open shelves can be used to facilitate the display, dinner ware, or utensils that are used frequently. So no need to bother to unscrew the closet.


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Is about one meter from the kitchen set dining table is placed. Tables can be made against the wall. Available so that adequate circulation space for people passing by in the small kitchen design. The design is made slim and simple. With the table legs are made of iron pipes. Besides the dinner table can also be placed “out of hand” around the kitchen (a kind of bar design) so that it can save space.


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The selection of colors depending on your taste. White domination can be very helpful to make this kitchen feels bright and airy. There are tricks to make the cabinet under the kitchen set to make it float and then at the bottom is illuminated. In addition to beautify, but also to keep the kitchen easier to clean. Sufficient lighting to make the dirt more clearly visible. So it’s not a tiny kitchen can not be both beautiful and functional look right? Please try this, small kitchen design.