Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas

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When you’re considering a small kitchen remodel every inch of space counts. You need to find a way to transform the limited space without sacrificing style or functionality. In this post, we will share some small kitchen remodel ideas.

When you’re doing a small kitchen remodel, you need to find some smart storage solutions, like pullout trash, cutlery trays, drawer organizers and spice storage.


A pot rack, mounted over the stove, will save you some space and will make your pots and pans easy to grab, whenever you need them.


A small kitchen island will provide additional storage and a meal preparation surface.


Downsized appliances are a good solution for a small kitchen remodel. They will save space and still suit your needs.


Vertical storage is another space-saving solution for a small kitchen. Tall wall cabinets will help you keep thing organized.

vertical storage

If you have more kitchen remodel ideas you want to share with use, comment below the post.

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