Smart Fridge by Ashley Legg

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For those of you, who can’t figure out what to make for dinner, we have some good news. Smart Fridge, designed by Ashley Legg, knows exactly what’s stored in the refrigerator and can figure out what recipes can be created with the available ingredients. Smart Fridge is also good for people, who like to cook as a hobby and try out new recipes all the time.

smart refrigerator

The main purpose of Smart Fridge is to keep track of your provisions and advise you on suitable meals accordingly. The entire front of the refrigerator is a touch-sensitive display. Using this, you tell the refrigerator what you’re filling it in with and it start tracking your stock, alerting you, when you start running low on any of the essential foods.


Smart Fridge has a large internal database and, based on the ingredients you have available, it displays only the meals you can prepare with the foods you have. Once a given recipe is selected, Smart Fridge can even highlight the required ingredients, as long as you’ve told it where in the compartment you put them. When you retrieve all the ingredients for the recipe, the refrigerator offers step-by-step voice instructions on how to cook the meal.

Smart Fridge

All this sounds really amazing, but there are a few issues with it. Most recipes, if not all, require ingredients not just from your refrigerator, but from your cupboards as well. So, in order to advise you, Smart Fridge will need to know what’s in the kitchen as a whole. Besides, while this technology promises to make our hectic lives easier, we’re not sure the requirement to manually add ingredients to the tracking database does that. Maybe, if someone figured out a way the purchased food could automatically be added to the database, things will look better. And finally, the most important aspect of Smart Fridge is the cost. A display like that would be too expensive. And although Smart Fridge is designed to be a luxury item, people still have expectations on how much a refrigerator would cost. It might be hard to sell Smart Fridge, even if it prepared the food for you.

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