Five smart kitchen storage suggestions – cabinets and drawers

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It looks like we’ve got plenty of cabinets and drawers in our kitchens, but our countertops are still cluttered with all kinds of items like spice jars, small appliances and so on. Our cabinets and drawers are usually overflowing with unnecessary stuff, which causes chaos in the kitchen. In this post we will give you five smart kitchen storage suggestions for your cabinets and drawers.

A pull-out cookware organizer can be installed in most kitchen cabinets and counters. This is a really smart kitchen storage solution. You can find pull-out organizers at local stores, like Walmart, or you can order custom-made pull-out cookware organizers to fit your kitchen cabinets. Keep all your pots and pans organized and easy to reach. Instead of cramming your kitchen cabinets with whatever will fit in, organize things, so that you can easily find and get what you need. A pull-out cookware organizer is a pretty cool idea for any kitchen.

pull-out cookware organizer

A spice drawer insert will help you store a large collection of spices. This smart kitchen storage solution will save you time and space. Instead of looking for what seems like hours to find the right spices, organize them in a drawer with a spice drawer insert, and everything you need, will be at your fingertips at the right moment. You can get these inserts at IKEA or order custom made spice drawer inserts to fit your kitchen drawers. This suggestion is very practical for people who love cooking and store lots of spices.

spice drawer insert

Pull-out trash bins are a great idea for any kitchen. Since a trash bin is not exactly a beautiful thing to have in your kitchen, this is a smart kitchen storage solution, which allows you to keep the trash out of sight and is also quite practical – you just pull it out and drop the debris there. Pull-out trash bins are a better solution than having to open a cabinet door and close it back every time, if your trash bin is placed inside. Hide the unsightly and unhealthy trash bins so that they will still be accessible and functional.

pull-out trash bins

Revolving corner kitchen cabinets are also a pretty smart kitchen storage idea. It is great for small kitchens, where you need to find a way to utilize every inch of the small space available. The revolving round shelves allow you easy access to every item you store inside. This way, if something is stored in the back, you won’t need to take out everything else to find what you’re looking for. Corner kitchen cabinets and counters allow you to store more things, without having to sacrifice additional space in your kitchen.

revolving corner cabinet

A pantry rollout is yet another smart kitchen storage solution. Almost all households have pantries full of basic canned and dry foods, which form the foundation of a wide range of meals. You need a convenient location in your kitchen, where you can organize your pantry goods, so that everything is easily visible. This can even save you a few last-minute trips to the grocery store. Pantry rollouts pull out of small spaces and keep a stockpile of foods readily available. This is a great way to utilize the gap between a counter and an appliance in your kitchen.

pantry rollout

There are plenty of smart kitchen storage solutions, so that you can start using the space more efficiently. You can get everything you need – from simple drawer organizers and inserts to clever pull-out shelving units and custom cabinetry. Check out our smart kitchen storage suggestion and pick out the ones that work best for you, so that you can store and retrieve everything you need.

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