A true masterpiece – the small luxury apartment

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The small apartment and flat are far too common nowadays than large, spacious homes. This is the reason why so much focus has been placed on the clever ideas, tricks, twists and advice pieces on how best to decorate and furnish such a limited-space area. As a result, we have reached a point where the smaller apartment has turned into a real piece of jewelry, as the efforts, imagination and creative thinking invested in them is simply outstanding and truly amazing.

small apartment bedroom

We would like to present to you yet another one of our suggestions for a small luxury apartment. The dominant color would be in white, though with a few colorful and bright focus points. The nuance that has been chosen for those little attraction spots is red, in most of the cases shaped as a lamp or a pillow. The wall behind the bed is another creative solution – it is been thoroughly designed in a brown nuance. With regards to the common area, the dining table serves as a unique separation tool between the kitchen and the living room. In an attempt to save some more space in the small apartment, the bedroom wardrobe has been replaced by corner cabinets.

kitchen and dining room

The kitchen is a true expression of creative and functional thinking. The built in appliances have all but one designed in white nuances. The oven adds some modern-style impression, as stainless steel has been chosen for the surfaces. The cupboards and the tall cabinets above the sink look as if they are part of the walls which visually expands the whole room. And the most fascinating expression of creative imagination here would be the shiny red boards that cover the space between the built-in appliances and the cupboards. The red phone is purely intentional and creates a separate focus point in this flawless kitchen. Take a look up right and you will surely not miss the white clock with the small red logo at the bottom. To round the post up, we need to point out that there are simply no limitations to the human imagination when it comes to creating the perfect dwelling spot in a small apartment.

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