Tune up your small kitchen

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Tune up your small kitchen

In quite a few of our previous posts we have commented on the biggest flaw in contemporary homes – the insufficient space. One of the rooms that most often falls victim to our attempts to save space is the kitchen. True, every housewife would thoroughly enjoy having a large, spacious kitchen with all the modern appliances and even a few pots with fresh herbs. It is also true that only a few of us can have such a kitchen. This is exactly what provided the brain food that fueled today’s post. What is the smart way to furnish our small kitchen?

The built-in kitchen appliances are ultra functional and save a lot of space. The Inox surface is easy to clean and goes well with quite a few colors. Now, in case you have one of those homes, where instead of separate rooms you have a common area, you can easily separate a small kitchen corner by placing a kitchen bar counter. It looks good, allows you to prepare food on it while enjoying a drink; moreover, you can also place a few shelves along its outer side!

Another common flaw in modern homes is that there are a few unutilized niches, which resulted from the unconventional façade. It is a smart idea to try converting one of them into a small kitchen area. Go for a built-in oven and place numerous cupboards of different sizes long the wall. You can actually put in the refrigerator in one of them. The boards near the sink should be long enough, so that you can use them to prepare food.

An interesting interior design solution is to combine the kitchen and dining areas in one of the corners in your home. All kitchen appliances are placed along the wall, while the dining table is near the windows, where there is plenty of natural light. This type of arrangement allows you to serve the food right after you have cooked it!

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