Retro Living Room Design Ideas and Tips

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A retro living room can look pretty attractive with some bright colors, interesting patterns and a funky feel, which is characteristic to this style. If you want to design a cool, retro living room, you need to learn the basic retro-style features and interpret them with some modern materials. You can also try and add some retro feel to modern furniture and decorations.

What you can do is create a retro atmosphere in your living room by choosing the right furniture. You can look for some abstract and retro-futuristic shapes and designs, which you can see in sci-fi and other movies from the chosen period. A retro living room usually features a mix of the 1970s and some futuristic elements. If now your living room looks classic and traditional, you can easily add a retro feel with some modern furniture pieces. If you have a modern living room, to make it look more retro, you will need to get some retro, vintage or even antique furniture. You can also mix classic and contemporary furniture pieces. The classic-looking furniture pieces don’t necessarily have to belong to a particular period. Their traditional charm will help you create an atmosphere in your retro living room.


To design a retro living room, you must absolutely add patterns. You can choose cool, vintage-style wallpaper for one wall of the living room, behind the couch or for all the walls. You can find lots of retro wallpaper designs online or at a local home improvement store. If you don’t want to use wallpaper, you can add pattern to your retro living room with some curtains with vintage-style patterns, or bright solid colors. This is a great choice of decoration for your living room. You don’t even need to match the curtains with the rest of the interior. Another way to add patterns is to place upholstered chairs and couches. You can find used furniture and reupholster them with any fabric you like. There are also many affordable options at local home improvement stores or on the Internet. Choose abstract, geometric or floral patterns. This will help you create elaborate retro living room design. Also, don’t forget to place an accent rug. You can choose a bright rug in solid color or find one with some retro pattern. Accents rugs are a great and cheap way to decorate any style living room. Patterns will help you set the mood in the retro living room.

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When you have chosen the colors, patterns and furniture for your retro living room, you will also need to choose some decorations. Various retro details and accessories will help you create an atmosphere. If you’re a fan of old movies, you can hang a few movie posters on the walls of the room. Another thing you can do is place some retro table lamps or a lampshade chandelier. You can also choose some lamps with beads or think of a way to hang beads as wall decorations. You can also find things like an old record player or a retro radio to place in the living room. This will definitely help you create a retro atmosphere. You will also need to try and disguise any modern technology you have, so that it can fit into the retro living room. For example, you can frame your flat screen TV.

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Designing a retro living room can be fun. Think of all the treasures you can find in the attic of your grandmother’s house or at some local antique store. Check out our picture gallery of retro living rooms for inspiration.

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