Small Living Room Decor

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Small living room decor —┬áThe living room is an important element in the home. The living room is suggested that multi-functional because this is where you entertain family and colleagues. Sure nice to have a large living room. But if you live in a modest home or apartment, of size living room was not spacious.


small living room decorating ideas



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small living room decor ideas


Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make small living room decor become larger. You can start with, choose the right paint color. The color of paint can change the room dramatically. Small size of the room should be painted with cool colors like gray, blue, and green. Gray is a neutral color that is very good and will look fabulous in your living room, because it fits with any color scheme. In addition, the ceiling should be painted one color is younger than the wall because it makes the room feel taller and relieved. Curtain hanging near the ceiling. Choose curtains that hung down to the floor, and hang them higher than the top of the window. Preferably, the top of the curtain is a 10 to 15 inches from the top of the window. Curtains that extend from ceiling to floor create the illusion of height and space in a small room. Choose the right chair. Consider a chair or sofa without arms. Because the chair this model makes the room feel more open. Also, make sure you do not have much furniture as this will only disrupt a small living room and make it look full.


small living room decor



small living room decorating ideas pictures


Create a focal point (focal point) with a large size. Use items with a size that looks great against the small room decor. Because the focal point of the huge size will add style without making the room feel crowded. A large measure of artistic decoration is much better than many small ornaments, which will only create a feeling of chaos. Use a mirror. Glass serves to open the room and reflect light, making the room seem larger. Place a large mirror above the sofa, or across the window to catch the light. You can also place small mirrors to create the feeling of a big mirror– small living room decor.