Antique Furniture Treatment

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Antique furniture treatment — The house is not complete without the presence of furniture. Selection of the right furniture with your house style also needs to be built. If you want a classic-style house, the furniture in your house of course a classic style. Synonymous with classic vintage style. Antique furniture, furniture home interior strongly support the classical type. Antique furniture does not have tens or hundreds of years old, but can also result a new reproduction that follows the style and shape of furniture in an era. But to care, just the same. Both should get proper treatment. Some things you need to do to maintain. Because the proper and efficient treatment will help you care for your fine antique furniture.


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Make sure you keep the surface fine furniture, avoid any scratches, stains and dull the colors, for example by always using a tablecloth on the table surface. The cloth can minimize the possibilities that could damage your antique furniture slowly. If there are stains on your antique furniture, immediately wash thoroughly with a clean cloth on a regular basis. For antique furniture treatment, should not use cleaners that contain chemicals while cleaning. Place your antique furniture in a place that has a normal temperature and humidity. Also try furniture that is not exposed to sunlight or other heat source directly, because it can make your furniture look dull, cracked or warped layer.


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Next, you need to re polish antique furniture, at least 2-3 years to keep it attractive. Each treatment should also be done with caution. For example, how to move an antique chair should be removed from the holder, instead of being moved or just hold the arm or back support only. Because you never know, if the connection is not as strong as the previous chair. Caring for furniture is not a trivial Andik, you should really be careful that you have antique furniture can be durable — antique furniture treatment.