How to properly care for your houseplants in the winter

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The chilly winter weather affects negatively the growing conditions for houseplants. Proper care during these winter months will help ensure the health of your houseplants. In this article we will give you some tips about that.

Most houseplants grow well in temperatures of 65 to 75 degrees F, during the day and 60 to 65 degrees F at night. Temperature fluctuations and temperature below 50 degrees F may damage some of your houseplants. You should keep the away from cold drafts, radiators or hot air vents. Also, make sure the leaves don’t touch cold windows.


A lot of houseplants prefer humidity levels between 40% and 50%. However, the relative humidity found in most homes during the winter months reaches only 10% to 20%. These levels are too low for many houseplants, so you should use humidifiers. You can also group houseplants together. Thus, the water evaporating from the soil and water lost through the plant foliage will increase the relative humidity in the air around the houseplants. Another thing to do is place the pots on trays filled with pebbled or gravel and water. The bottoms of the pots should be above the water level. Misting is not very practical, because I needs to be done several times a day to raise the humidity level sufficiently.


Generally, houseplants need less watering in the winter than in the spring or summer. Actively growing houseplants will need more water. Plant species also determine the water needs. Ferns should be watered relatively frequently, while cacti and succulents should not be watered until the soil is completely dry. Most houseplants should be watered when the soil is almost dry to the touch. When watering your houseplants, water them thoroughly. Water should freely drain out of the bottoms of the pots. Discard the excess water from the trays.

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Usually, it is not necessary to fertilize your houseplants during the winter months, because most of them are growing very little or are resting. Start fertilizing your houseplants in March or April, when the growing conditions improve and the plants resume growth.

Clean your houseplants regularly to improve their appearance, stimulate growth and control insects and mites. Make sure the room, where you keep them doesn’t get too cold and watch the level of air humidity.

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