How to store firewood in the winter

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Firewood can provide warmth all winter long and help reduce utility bills as an alternative source of heat. Storing firewood correctly will protect your wood and create a reserve for the winter season. Use our suggestions to store firewood.

You need to provide firewood with access to sun and wind. Green wood is seasoned through a weathering process. If it is protected from these elements, firewood would not dry and season effectively. Drying and seasoning should be done away from a shed or another structure. However, you need to season green wood under a roof. To do this, stack it in an area that gets plenty of air circulation and is protected from rain.



To store firewood, stack in on level ground. This way, rows of firewood will stay upright and remain sturdier. Limit your stacks to 4-foot height, so that the stacks of firewood will not fall over. To increase air flow to the firewood, it is a good idea to place it a few inches away from walls or other stacks of firewood.

storing firewood

You will also need to reduce exposure to ground moisture by putting something between the ground and the firewood, like a wooden pallet for example. You can also place firewood on draining concrete floors. Cover your firewood with a tart=p, leaving the sides exposed. This will provide additional protection.


When the firewood is dry and seasoned, store it in a structure. Make sure that the structure is well ventilated, because firewood needs air to age and remain dry. You should also spray around the firewood stacks and rows to deter insects. If you have any pets, make sure you use pet-friendly insecticides.

Dry firewood burns better and produced more heat. Additionally, there’s less smoke. You will also need to watch out for snakes around the firewood. They take refuge from cold temperatures and hide from predators there. Also, keep children away from firewood stacks to prevent accidents.

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