How to utilize the space under the stairs

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Stairs take a lot of space in your house. And there’s that wedge-shaped no-man’s-land underneath. A lot of houses have a closet under the stairs, but you have the option to go for something more creative.

You can create a small bathroom under the stairs. Use space-saving fixtures, like wall-mounted sink and toilet, and you’ll be able to fit everything in the limited space you have available. The good part is that toilets do not require full standing height to work. The place is also pretty good for a bathroom, since this is not a heavily-used area in the house and the use tends to be shorter. Make sure you place sufficient lighting, to make the space brighter and add a nice, contemporary mirror.


One of the biggest problems with under-the-stairs closets is that they get overcrowded pretty quickly. Sometimes small things are put in the back, and bulky stuff in front, so it can be hard to find and reach what you need. You can fix this easily with under-stairs drawers. Thus, you get easily-accessible storage space out of your staircase. Keep your stuff organized and out of the way with some under-stairs drawers.


You can also fit a part of your kitchen under the stairs. This may seem a bit like a puzzle, but you can have some fun with a custom kitchen design tool. You can place some storage shelves, kitchen counters with innovative design, a refrigerator or an oven. Your under-stairs kitchen may look contemporary and sleek, or more traditional and cozy. It all depends on your personal preferences and the rest of the interior.


Another thing you can do with this tight space is place a built-in bookcase. This is a great way to utilize this wasted area. It will save space in your living room or home office. Plus, it looks really amazing. Place a couple of rocking chairs near your under-stairs built-in bookcase, and this might become your favorite place in the house. Drink your coffee there in the morning, with some interesting book in your hands or just relax in the evening.


If you want to have a home office, but your attic is not really suitable for the purpose, and you can’t spare a room for your home office, why not use the space under the stairs? You can easily squeeze a desk in there. Place some shelves above the desk and if you still have some space left – add an office cabinet. Thus, you will have your own office space in the house, without having to use the corner of the living room. An office under the stairs may be the ideal solution for you.

home office

Another great idea for the space under the stairs is to create a cozy nook. This will be the ideal private and comfortable reading spot. You might not want to get out of there the whole day. Alternatively, you can place a soft couch and a contemporary coffee table to create a seating area. Decorate with some wall paintings and a fluffy rug to accentuate the area.

cozy nook

A pet house can also be fitted in the space under the stairs. Place a pet bed and bowls. This will give your pet privacy, allowing it to have it’s own space in the house. If you are feeling extra creative, you can browse the web for some awesome ideas for pet houses. You can find some real architectural masterpieces.

pet house

If you often have guests, who stay for a couple of days, but your house doesn’t have a guest bedroom, you can place a spare bed under the stairs. We are not saying that you should create a Harry Potter bedroom for your orphan nephew, but you can still provide your guests with some almost enclosed, cozy area. Who knows, they might want to stay even longer.

bed under the stairs

A laundry nook is also a good idea for the unused space under the stairs. Hide the washing machine and the laundry basket from the view, by adding a curtain, or if the space allows it – a door. You wouldn’t even have to worry about the awkward, wedged space. You can also place some additional shelves for more storage.

laundry nook

You can also turn the space under the stairs into a play area for your kids. You can easily fit a play house there. Your kids will love this idea. It’s the ideal spot for tiny people. You can even consult your kids, when creating this amazing play nook, to find out what they would enjoy the most.

play house

Utilizing the area under the stairs is a great way to save space in your house. There are lots of cool ideas what you can do with it. Consider your needs and wishes, to find the best possible way to utilize that awkward extra space.

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