New Baby in the House – How to Decorate the Nursery for the Big Welcome

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For many parents, designing the nursery is one of the most exciting things about preparing to welcome the newest family member. For others, furnishing and decorating the room is pretty confusing and stressful. In this post, we have prepared some tips and ideas for nursery decoration, which will help you get ready for the big welcome.

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It is a good idea to choose a soothing color palette for the nursery with a few pops of bright, fun color and pattern. This will help you create a harmonious atmosphere. A neutral, regal nursery with plush fabric will look classy and stylish, but it may not be the best idea for you. If you choose this color scheme, there’s a chance that you might become one of those moms, who are always worried about getting stains on the velvet crib skirt or obsessed with putting away toys that don’t go with the room’s neutral color scheme. If you think this can happen, choose a palette, which allows potential accent color for different looks. This option will look great with the colorful baby toys. Whatever color scheme you choose for the nursery, leave the work to other people and you stay away from the paints, because a lot of them contain chemicals, which might be harmful to you and your unborn baby.


You can really have fun with the wall accents for the nursery. You can hang mirrors, stickers, 3D decorations or framed pictures – the options are practically countless. A good idea is to paint the walls white and add color with various wall decorations. This way you don’t need to worry too much about a certain theme. You can also choose this option if you don’t know the sex of the baby and don’t want to use green or yellow color scheme. If you know the gender and you’ve already picked a name for your baby, you can buy colorful letters and spell their name on the wall. It will look really cute. You can even create a collage with fun family photos. This way your child will get easily familiar with everyone. You can also get some fun wall stickers with animals or flowers. They will help you create a theme for the nursery and are also very easy to remove, when you want to re-decorate the room.

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To add softness and warmth to the nursery, place curtains and accent rugs. It is also a good idea to place blinds. The nursery must be very dark at night, because babies tend to sleep better in the dark. The light, coming in from the windows, will wake your baby up, which happens around 5 a.m. in the summer months. Look for some patterned blackout blinds or curtains. If you’ve already bought curtains for the nursery, they can also be lined with blackout material. Choose a nice accent rug, which complements the curtains or blinds in the room. This is a great way to create a theme. It will also make the room feel cozy and add a beautiful finishing touch. If you want the nursery to be more personal, you can monogram your baby’s name to the bedding and the other accessories.

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When you’re designing the nursery for the newest family member, buy the essentials first. You will need to buy a crib, a mattress, a playpen, a changing table and a wardrobe. You can find various tips online on how to choose these things. The decorating comes next, and this is the fun part. You can use your imagination and get really creative. However, it may be a good idea to keep the nursery fairly neutral, if you plan to have more kids, who will be sharing the room.

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