A few beautiful ideas and tips on painting the wooden fence

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Your wooden fence may need re-painting at some point to refresh its look. Painting your wooden fence will also provide protection against the elements. A wooden fence needs a new protective coat of paint every two to three years.

If you’re planning to paint your wooden fence, you need to prepare the area around it first. You need to protect the plants along your wooden fence line, while preparing the surface for painting. Start by mowing the grass close to your fence, trimming the bushes and blowing dirt and grass clippings away from the fence line. The next thing to do is spread a drop cloth under the section of wooden fence you’ll be painting. This will help collect residue from the preparation work and protect against spills. Sand the wooden fence to help the paint adhere to the wood. You may also need to scrub the wooden fence with a mixture of water and bleach to remove any mold. After that, let the surface dry completely.

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fence paintingYou will need to choose the right paint for your wooden fence. Outdoor paints are specially treated to withstand the effects of weather. Acrylic outdoor paints are durable and provide an extra layer of protection for your wooden fence. If your fence hasn’t been previously treated, you need to apply a primer before the acrylic paint. Acrylic stains can bring out the natural beauty of the wood material and don’t require primer. Oil-based paints typically require multiple coats and don’t provide the same protection as acrylics, but will give a superior-looking finish to your wooden fence.


paintWhen you’re planning to paint your wooden fence, make sure you choose the right weather conditions for the job. It is best to paint on a day with calm winds and ample cloud cover. If the wind is too strong, debris can stick to the fresh paint. Strong, direct sunlight will make the paint dry too fast and squeeze out its protective properties.

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fence paintThe last thing to decide is the method of painting. If you’re going to pain a long wooden fence, you may need to use an industrial spray to complete the job faster. For a shorter wooden fence, you can do well with a roller for the flat surfaces and a brush for the hard-to-reach areas.

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