Build a home in the woods

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We all sometimes get bored and tired of living in the city. But have you ever wanted to experience life in the woods? Here’s what you should consider, if you are planning to build a home in the woods.


Before building your home in the woods, you need to research the conditions of the place. Study the environment and the woods. Does the place receive heavy rainfall or sunlight? Are the temperatures low or high? It is also very important to know whether bears or snakes live there. You must research all the information available for the woods, where you’re going to build your home.

house in the woods

If the temperatures in the woods are high, build your home, using fireproof woods, because the heat may cause fires in the house. It is a good idea to intall sloped roof, which will reduce the heat. You may also install a window on the roof to let fresh air in your home and make some small shade above that window. You should also consider the item storage. You will need enough space to store items, according to the type and number of supplies you’re going to bring. Make sure you will have enough water and food for 10-20 days, clothes, hats, sunglasses.


If the woods, where you’re going to build your home receive heavy rains, use waterproof woods for the construction. A sloped roof willhelp rainwater pass away. Among the items you’re going to bring with you, make sure you have drinking water, enough food for 10-20 days, clothes suitable for rainy weather and boots.


If you are going to build your home in the woods, located in the mountains, you should use woods from trees, located there. The roof should be sloped. Make sure you bring with you enough water and food for a longer period of time, clothes, suitable for cold climates airtight goggles and boots.


In the construction process, it would be better to use solar cooker and fire to cook your food, because stoves take much space. Solar cooker and fire besides taking less space, is easy to carry. If you are going to use solar cooker, paint the cans black, because this color absorbs the most heat. Another thing you should know is that fire keeps animals away – take advantage of this. Remember that rainwater, stored on roofs attracts mosquitoes. So, you should always have a mosquito repellent with you. Keep in mind that the best places to buid a home in the woods are under a tree, near a water source or a road. A cell phone and flashlights are also items you should always have with you.

living room

Keep in mind that the mentioned items are only some of the things you will need. Your research of the environment should determine what else you will need. Do some reading and careful planning, and you can start building your dream home in the woods.


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