How to choose a highchair

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The highchair is one of the most important things you will need to buy for your baby. Since this can usually wait for six months, you don’t have to stress over the highchair during your pregnancy. Here’s what you need to consider, when choosing a highchair for your baby.

The highchair will not be the best looking item in your home. Besides the traditional blue and pink options, you can choose a color that will match the rest of your interior or something to create a contrast. You may even be able to find a highchair, that will look stylish and won’t be such an eye sore. Take your time and choose the one you like best.


When you go out to buy a highchair, check out the dimensions, so that you will know exactly how much space it’s going to take. This is especially important, if you live in a small apartment. The are a few options on the market, designed for smaller living spaces. It is also a good idea to choose a highchair that can easily be folded and put away, when you don’t use it.

IKEA highchair

Make sure you check the weight capacity of the highchair. Most highchairs hold up to the age of three and weight of 50 lbs. All highchairs have restraint straps to secure the child and you will need to always strap them in. If the highchairs has wheels, make sure they can lock into place, as well as other adjustable features, like the seat and the tray.

wooden highchair

You can choose a highchair with adjustable height, so that it will sit comfortably up against your dining table or kitchen counters. Some highchairs have adjustable seats and foot rests. This will provide a maximum feeding comfort for your baby.

modern highchair

When you are buying a highchair, consider the quality and durability. You may use it for more than one child. That’s why you should be careful, when you choose a trendy color. You may not like it as much by the time the third child comes around. That’s why you should consider colors, different than blue or pink – you don’t need to buy a new highchair for each child.

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