The Most Common Interior Designing Mistakes

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Interior designing includes furniture, fabrics, textures, colors, wall coverings and styles, which make your home more comfortable and aesthetically appealing. All these things should reflect your personality and lifestyle, add functionality to your home and enhance its appearance. In this post, we will show you some of the most common interior designing mistakes you should avoid.

Color is one of the most important decisions you have to make in the interior designing process. Painting the walls and ceilings of your home takes time and is a permanent decision. Do not buy paint before fabrics and furniture. First, select the furniture and other accessories for the room and then take pieces of fabric to see which color paint matches them best. It is way easier to match the paint to the furniture than the other way around.


Sometimes, color coordination can also go wrong in the process of interior designing. You need to keep in mind that the paint on the walls is not the only thing, which creates the color scheme of your home. The shades of the furniture will also influence the atmosphere in a room greatly. Add contrasts and compliments in your color scheme. If you want a one-color room, make sure you don’t overdo things. A lot of home improvement stores will offer you color swatches and samples, which will help you choose the right colors for a room.

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Over-furnishing a room is another common interior designing mistake you need to try to avoid. The interior of your home reflects the state of your mind. A room, which is overcrowded with coffee tables, couches, stools and various other items, will influence your mind. Make sure you leave enough walking space and stay away from any tendency to fill all the empty spaces in the room. Less clutter will make your feel more comfortable and relaxed in your home.

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You also need to avoid the interior designing mistake of buying furniture without keeping in mind the dimensions of your rooms. Oversize furniture pieces will make any room appear smaller and cramped. Of course, if you have large open spaces, there’s nothing wrong with choosing oversize furniture. For more limited spaces, however, smaller furniture pieces will open up the room and make it feel more spacious. It is also very important to make sure that your furniture can fit through the door.


Creating clutter is probably the biggest interior designing mistake you can make. You should avoid that at all costs. Don’t buy too many accessories and other items for the room you’re designing. It will make it seem smaller and bring anxiety. Get rid of the items you don’t use or use seldom. This will give you more living space. If you’re buying new items, make sure you buy only the things you absolutely love and thing the room will look incomplete without them.


Interior designing can be fun and rewarding, but it is also a hard task, which needs careful planning and considerations. Before you decide to start this project, make sure you follow the useful tips you can fins online, if you’re doing it by yourself. This will help you avoid some of the most common interior designing mistakes.

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