Do you really need a cradle for your baby?

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You can certainly live without a cradle and start using the crib from day one. However, it may come in handy early on. The cradle is portable and your baby will really love the cozy feel of it. In this article we are going to discuss the pros and cons of the cradle.

When you start looking for a cradle, the first thing you notice is how beautiful it looks. Imagine the cradle in your nursery – all made up and lovely. Cradles are really small, so they don’t take much space. They are also very comfortable for the parents, as well as the baby. You can easily move your sleeping infant anywhere around the house. You can even use the cradle for travelling. And if your baby just won’t go to sleep, the swinging motion will help it drift away pretty fast. And when it feels so cozy, there’s a chance your baby will sleep better and longer.


However, keep in mind that now all babies like the swinging motion of the cradle. Some infants may not want to sleep in the cradle at all. Another proble you may encounter, while using a cradle, is that your baby can get used to being rocked to sleep, and then it would be harder to get it to fall asleep anywhere else. Since the babies grow up pretty quickly, you will soon need to replace the cradle for a crib. And it the child is already used to the rocking motion of the cradle, it will crave for it every time it goes to sleep.

wooden cradle

If you decide to buy a cradle, you should look for a sturdy model with a wide and stable base. Also, make sure that the sides of the cradle from the mattress to the top are at least eight inches high. You don’t want your baby to fall out of the cradle.

modern cradle design

The cradle is not a must-have item for your nursery. Whether you buy one or not is a matter of personal choice. Keep in mind that your baby will not use it for too long. The cradle is a crib alternative that will work for the first four or five months of your child’s life.

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