Creative Office Design Ideas from around the World

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Office designs have gone a long way since the cubicles surrounded by white walls and lit with white fluorescent lights. Now many people believe that creative work environment can help stimulate the minds of the employees and inspire innovation. In this post, we will show you some incredible office design ideas from around the world.

The incredible Google office in Zurich, Switzerland is a really famous place. They have a slide, a fire pole, fish tank relaxation room, sky lifts and much more cool stuff to see. The amazing office design ideas are what made this place one of the most popular offices in the world.

 Google Zurich

The Skype office in Stockholm, Sweden is another interesting work place to see. It is located in the completely restores historical building Munchenbryggeriet, which is a landmark of Stockholm’s skyline. This is one fine example of truly creative office design ideas put to use. The idea of the office is to express the Skype brand’s playful spirit and its mission to connect the world. Round shapes, fun lighting fixtures and brightly-colored furniture are added to almost completely white background.

 Skype Stockholm

If you want to see some really creative office design ideas, you can have a look at the Twitter office in San Francisco, California. It is located in a huge art-deco building. It features an arcade room, a rooftop garden, big gourmet cafeteria and a yoga/meditation room. This office definitely stimulates the creativity of Twitter employees.

Twitter San Francisco

If you’re looking for more elegant and still very creative office design ideas, check out the Red Bull office in London, UK. It is very sleek, sophisticated and yet playful. This office reflects the company’s youthful, edgy and adrenalin-pumping image. It also encourages interaction between employees and offers real fun time for visitors.

Red bull London

The Pixar headquarter in Emeryville, California is another example of creative office design ideas in use. The space is organized in U-shaped units of 5-6 individual offices with a central gathering area in the middle. The decoration and style is something you just need to see. Some employees work in small house huts, others share work space, and some stand up. The executive office is filled to the brim with toys.

Pixar Emeryville

There are many other unique and creative office design ideas worthy of your attention. If you are interested, you can check out some more photos online. You can even use some of these office design ideas for your work space.

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