DIY Christmas tree decorations

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Making your own Christmas tree decorations can be relaxing and fun. Besides, creating Christmas tree decorations is a great opportunity for the whole family to get together and feel the holiday spirit. In this post we will give you a few ideas for DIY Christmas tree decorations.

Styrofoam balls make for great Christmas tree decorations. They let you craft all sorts of ornaments. Since they are soft, you can easily attach various things to them. Pierce little holes on their surface and apply little flowers, ribbons, paper decorative elements, beads, sequins and whatever else you choose. You may also check online for tutorials for Christmas tree decorations made from Styrofoam balls.

Styrofoam ball

Christmas baubles would also make for awesome Christmas tree decorations. It is very easy to upgrade plain baubles to make them look more attractive. Get some transparent glass Christmas baubles and fill them with colorful paper or tiny statuettes of snowmen and reindeer. You can do some online research to gain inspiration and ideas what you can do with Christmas baubles.

transparent glass baubles

Snowflakes are also quite popular Christmas tree decorations. You can make some beautiful paper snowflakes or snowflakes made of cardboard or clay. Decorate them with glitter or glue some family photographs to the center of the snowflakes.

paper snowflakes

If you can knit or crochet, this is a great way to show off your skills, by making some original Christmas tree decorations. There are many patterns, available online, like stars, trees, angels and any other holiday symbol you can think of. Lots of these patterns are free, but for some of them you may have to pay to download.

knitted ornaments

To create your own Christmas tree decorations you can use many materials like bottle caps, twigs, cinnamon sticks, sea shells and many more. Use your imagination and create unique Christmas tree decorations to spread some holiday cheer.

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