Keep your driveway from freezing in the winter

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Accumulated snow or air moisture during the night can cause your driveway to freeze. And a frozen driveway presents a safety hazard. You car might skid and hit something, or you may slip and fall, while walking down the frozen driveway. Instead of worrying about de-icing your driveway, you may consider how to prevent it from freezing.

If you expect temperatures to drop, apply ice salt to your driveway. This will prevent freezing. You can purchase ice salt at your local hardware store. Besides on the driveway, sprinkle the substance along the walkways as well. Remember to pay close attention to the weather forecast, and if the report predicts freezing or snow, apply ice salt to your driveway to prevent it from freezing.


If you frequently deal with a frozen driveway, you may need to consider installing an underground heated driveway system. This system will keep the pavement warm during the winter months, to prevent it from freezing. Since the system involves cables and lines under your driveway, you will need to contact a local electrical or a heating company for a price quote.

frozen driveway

Avoid using the water hose in the winter. Using a water hose to spray down your car or house can cause freezing, because dropping temperatures may freeze the water, before drying.


Shovel the snow before nighttime, if possible. After snowfall, use a shovel to remove the snow and clear your driveway, before the temperature drops and the snow freezes. After you remove the snow, apply ice salt to prevent the snow remnants from freezing.


Removing snow or ice from your driveway is a labor-intensive process in cold, wet conditions. And putting off snow removal may lead to a dangerous and slippery driveway. Take the necessary steps to prevent your driveway from freezing, which will help you clean it out before the heavy snow freezes.

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