Eco-friendly bamboo houses

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Eco-friendly bamboo houses can be built for a fraction of the cost of a conventional building, involving expensive and energy-intensive materials. They also reduce the temperatures in the summer drastically. Check out these awesome eco-friendly bamboo houses.

bamboo house

Green Village is a sustainable community of houses, set within the river valley landscape, along Bali’s sacred Ayung River. This residential community is created to blend naturally into the landscape, without disrupting the surrounding beauty of the land. All completed houses are constructed out of bamboo and are designed, based on principles of durability. Living in any of these houses is like being on vacation every day of the year. These unique, eco-friendly structures allow their owners access to stunning architecture, a community of Balinese cultural events and even home delivery of some of the best organic products in the world.


bamboo home

Bamboo has been used for the construction of houses for a long time throughout tropical and sub-tropical regions. It has been estimated that over one billion people live in bamboo houses. In Bangladesh alone more than 70% of the houses are made of bamboo. In some countries in Latin America, there is a rich and long-standing bamboo building culture. Bamboo has flexibility, strength and versatility, and when treated properly, it is a suitable material for almost every component of the houses.

bamboo homes

bamboo houses

Population growth, rapid rural-urban migration, inadequate housing for the poor and unsustainable use of forest resources compel us to find alternative, affordable and eco-friendly housing solutions. Due to its versatile nature, bamboo provides the perfect solution for these problems. Bamboo is a commodity, that can be used and sold, providing employment and income opportunities.


incredible bamboo house

Bamboo has a huge potential for the construction of eco-friendly and affordable houses. These houses also have modern exterior and interior design. Check out some of these incredible homes.

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