Folding, portable baby playpens

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Playpens provide a comfortable and secure zone for your baby to play. They let you leave the room for a while, knowing that your kid won’t do any mischief or get hurt. In this post, we are going to talk about the different types of baby playpens.

Traditional wooden playpens provide lots of space for your baby to play. People usually prefer these playpens, because there are many stylish options that complement the interior décor in a beautiful way. They simply blend in with the furniture better than the other options. However, this is the most expensive option. Besides, traditional wooden playpens take a lot of floor space. Although they are designed to be folded away, once they’re up, they’re likely to stay that way for quite some time.

wooden playpen

Fabric-sided playpens are more compact, which makes them a better choice for parents with more limited space at home. Plus, they are very easy to clean and maintain. Fabric-sided playpens also tend to be the least expensive option. On the downside, these playpens offer no support for your baby to pull up from a sitting position. Besides, they are not the most beautiful piece of furniture you can place in your home. Although they can be folded and put away, when not in use, they will probably stay up for some time.

fabric-sided playpen

Travel cots can double up as playpens for your baby. They provide less space than a more traditional playpen, but they are a cost-effective option. The best thing about travel cots is that you can choose whether to use them as cots or as playpens. They are also easily folded and stored away. This is also one of the cheapest options. However, although some travel cots have grab handles, they offer less support for pulling up from sitting. The limited floor space of the playpen is probably the biggest con of travel cots.

 travel cot

Be careful, when you use playpens. Regularly check the sides and the floor padding for holes. Don’t put in them anything, which the baby can use as a lever to climb out. Avoid leaving your kid unattended.

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